Meet Taylan Oliver

Qualified Electrician

Taylan is a fully qualified electrician with the necessary certifications, training, and expertise to handle a wide range of electrical projects. His professional qualifications ensure that your electrical work is carried out to the highest industry standards.

With years of experience in the field, Taylan has encountered and successfully resolved various electrical challenges. His wealth of knowledge allows him to approach projects with a deep understanding and provide effective tailored solutions.

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Commitment to Safety

Taylan prioritises safety above all else. He adheres to rigorous safety protocols and regulations, ensuring that every electrical installation, repair, or maintenance work is performed safely and securely. You can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical systems are in reliable hands.
Taylan is known for his meticulous approach to his work. He pays close attention to every detail, ensuring that each aspect of the electrical project is handled with precision and accuracy.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business

Taylan values customer satisfaction and aims to exceed expectations on every project. He maintains clear communication throughout the process, actively listening to your needs and offering personalised solutions. Taylan's commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a positive and smooth experience from start to finish.

We understand the importance of minimising disruptions during electrical work.

We understand that electrical work can disrupt your daily routine or business operations. To minimise disruptions, we plan and schedule the job with your convenience in mind. We strive to complete the work efficiently and promptly, minimising downtime and inconvenience as much as possible.

By prioritising efficient planning, clear communication, respect for your space, timely completion, flexibility in working hours, and having contingency plans, we strive to ensure that electrical work is carried out with minimal disruption to your daily activities or business operations. Our goal is to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience while delivering high-quality electrical services.